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You heard me right! I can’t stand that guy! I know him well. That guy is ME. I’m the guy that from time to time gets his eyes so focused on the success of others, that I can’t see clearly or hear clearly what God wants me to do next. I can look at and study the creativity of others so intensely sometimes that I lose the very creativity that God has placed in my own life. I’m convinced I get in my way more often than any other person or ministry does.

So, what are the things I do when I notice that that guy want to take over again?

1. Take a Sabbatical from reading twitter, Facebook and blogs (e.g. a day, a few days, a week)

2. Write down every creative thought (Whispers of God to my heart) on a legal pad while I’m praying

3. Embrace again the truth that God is the author of my life and wants to be creative through me.

4. Act on those whispers regardless of the outcome.

I believe there is a big difference between learning from the creativity of others and trusting in the creativity that God has placed in you. Yes, creativity is in you. The creator God has placed it there because you are His treasure chest.

What are some things you do when that guy you can’t stand shows up?