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Good eye contact can and should be part of glorifying God to the world. Eyes are a great attribute to use for witnessing because they can show a million emotions. Eyes tell the other person a story. Eyes speak of the confidence God has called you to show to a world that is desperately looking for something to believe it. If you have trouble with good eye contact, it’s probably because you are really shy. However, God can help you to overcome those shy moments when you realize that good eye contact can be a great witnessing tool for Him. (Special Note: Western countries view eye contact differently than some Eastern countries. In Eastern countries strong eye contact might be viewed as rude.)

Why is eye contact a great witness of Christ at work in your life?

1. It shows great esteem to the person you are speaking with

When you lean in just a little, and make great eye contact, you are showing the other person respect. You are saying to them they are valuable. You are sending the same message to them that God sends to us. God loves us and gives us His full attention at all times. When we do the same for others, it’s showing them the respect of God in us and through us.

2. It shows the other person is significant

You are sending a message, (HIS MESSAGE) that they are worthy of undivided time. We live in a fast paced world where people are overlooked all the time. Good eye contact that is undivided, says to the other person, “You are more valuable than time.” Once again…that’s a God thing. God always has time for us and gives us all that we need.

3. It shows Godly concern

You are sending a hug with your eyes that you are concerned with every detail of their lives. Again, this is how God is toward us. He is concerned about all that is going on in our lives…even the boring parts. Good eye contact shows the concern of God is always there waiting and listening.

Eye contact is something you may have never thought of as a way of witnessing for Christ but it’s more important than you can ever imagine. We would do well for the Kingdom of God if we used our eyes to project a positive image of Christ through us to others.

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