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You are not alone in your walk with Christ if you have difficulty sharing your faith because of shyness. There are many other Christians that get nervous when they even think about witnessing. Do you struggle with sharing your faith because you have no clue as to how to witness in spite of your shyness? If so, I’ve got a few things that will help you.


1. Understand that witnessing isn’t always about words.

St. Francis of Assizi once said, “Witness at all times; if necessary use words.” The first thing that will reduce the pressure of shyness in your life is to know that you don’t have to use words to witness. You can use actions, and many times they speak louder than words. You can send letters to nonbelievers in Christ and let them know you are thinking about them. You can get them a gift and take it by their house to let them know how valuable they are. Doing these kind of things will be sure to open up a conversation, and they will end up, most likely,  asking you about your faith. When they do, just tell them what Christ has done in your life. No need at all to give them a bible study. Just share your life, and how Christ has changed it for the better.

2. Witness at home

Witnessing at home is easy because you already feel safe. Live before your family a changed life. Living for Christi in front of your family is the loudest witness you will ever do. Each family member is watching, and learning from you. They, in turn, will hopefully live the same way. That is making disciples without words.

3. Witness on vacation

Next time you are on vacation, witness to those who clean your room. Leave a great tip each day, and a hand written note of encouragement to them. Then sign it with a bible verse. Pray over the note, and let the Spirit of God do the rest.

4. Take advantage of birthdays

Collect as many birthday dates as you can and send them a card or an email. In the same way, you would write a note while on vacation, do something similar with a birthday card or email. To make this step automatic, do a Google search of free sites that remind you by email when a birthday is near.

I could give you many more, but I think you get the idea. What are some ways you have found that work? Leave a comment and share with others.


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Having self-confidence is a hugely important part of your Christian walk. If you don’t have enough self-confidence your life is more easily tossed to and fro by the waves of this unstable world. I want you to know today, that God is with you, and wants to help you with stronger self-confidence-the kind self-confidence that is found only in Him.

Without God’s gift of self-confidence in your life, you will soon find many unhealthy choices become commonplace in your life. I want you to remember that Jesus was confident in what the Father called Him to accomplish, and you can be confident in what He has called you to do.

God has made you remarkable for His purpose. If you walk daily in that purpose, self-confidence will occur because you are allowing Jesus to arise within you. You will then begin to see that you are not called to impress the world, but you are called to follow Christ through the world.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

1. Crush the desire to compare yourself to others

You must get rid of the desire to compare your life to others around you. It’s okay to learn from the strong points of someone’s life, but be careful not to compare the worst things about your life to the best things in someone else’s life. When you do that, it brings feelings that are not good to the table.

2. God made you to be you

Don’t live a fake life. In other words, don’t live the life of another person hoping people will like you more. God made you different on purpose. You are unique because God created you that way. You would be amazed at what God can do through your uniqueness when you give it to Him, and stop trying to get rid of it.

3. Throw negative self-talking out the door

This is a straightforward one. Throw it away! You need to start talking supportive to yourself again. God is on your side. If you had to build a bridge to walk across a pit of alligators, you wouldn’t build it out of weak planks. Therefore, don’t build the course of your daily life with poor planks.

4. Accept your weakness

That’s right! Accept your weakness. God can even use them. Read this scripture.

2 Cor 12:9-10 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

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Look up the definition of shyness and you will read, “the state of being timid, easily frightened, reserved, bashful, and shrinking from contact with others.”

When you step into a room full of people, especially if they are people you don’t know…do you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious? Do you feel deep down in your soul a heavy anxiety and you just want the night to end? What about talking with someone new, do you hesitant to put yourself out there? If you feel and do any of these things and maybe a few other things that are similar…then you my friend have a shyness problem.

Anytime that fear controls you or self-consciousness stops you from engaging fully in the lives of others that can be a reflection of self-centeredness and even a hint of pride. The good news is that God through the power of the Holy Spirit can set you free but it takes obedience that is uncomfortable.

What is it that you are overcoming when you obey God to live past your comfort zone of shyness?

1. You overcome extreme self-awareness by thinking about the needs of others around you as more important.

2. You overcome the life chocking power that shyness always causes.

3. You forget about all the wrong things you might be doing in a group of people and you start to see you can do better by just trying.

How to Overcome Shyness

1. Like yourself because God does. You know God loves you because the bible says He does but you need to also know He likes you. Believe it!

2. Step out in faith in a room full of people and put yourself out there. Step off the foundation of shyness and step onto the foundation of faith. God will be there to help. I promise.

3. Don’t feel the need to be like everyone else. (read next sentence slow) You are you, and the you that you are, is the you that God made special.

4. Talk to yourself. Speak into your spirit you have something to offer the people in the room. If you speak positive to yourself and then act on it…you will be amazed at the outcome.

5. Force yourself to speak up, especially when you are afraid to do so.

6. Make yourself visible. Don’t sneak off into a safe place in the crowded room.

7. Learn to ask questions of others and then just be a good listener.

8. Know before you do anything that from time to time you will be rejected or have an unpleasant moment. (That’s okay…it’s their loss)

2 Tim 1:7 (MSG) God doesn’t want us to be shy with his gifts, but bold and loving and sensible.


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