Honor To My Father

November 30, 2012 — 1 Comment

The bible teaches us to give honor to those honor is due. Today is a special post to do just that.

When I was 5, I was adopted by Ralph Wright. He gave me his last name and the opportunity at true life with a complete family.

He never treated me different than his other children. He treated me fully as his own. I’m thankful for him and my life. I’m the man I am because of him.

Dad, you have been gone many years now, but I shall see you soon. I remember you this day. November 30. Thanks for unconditional love.




Steve Wright

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Lead Pastor of Legacy Church and Author of The Descent to Compassion

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  1. I’ve heard you share stories of your Dad – he must have been a really great guy as well as a wonderful example of love. And this is a great reminder for me that as a Christian, I too, was adopted by a Father and given a new name.

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