God’s Plan And Your Pain

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The Library of Congress has over 34.5 million books. (Not including photographs, maps, music and manuscripts.) All of the items make up the story of world history.

If it were possible to read every book, look at every picture, listen to every piece of music, you would discover that even though the world is a grand and beautiful place…something is just not fully right. There is still a lot of pain in the world. But you know…you didn’t need me, or the Library of Congress to tell you that. All you have to do is look around or look within, and pain raises its ugly head

However, in the middle of all of the pain, there’s a truth that points us to a rescuer. His name is Jesus and he said in John 16:33, “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

When it comes to pain, we are often given only two choices–fight or flight.

However, there is a third option for a Christ follower. You can take the hand of God, submit to His plan, and walk through the pain, and out the other side. We live in a world were the church will sometimes hurt you. The people of God and life will sometimes hurt you. Even Following God will often bring pain to your life, but following God is the only thing that will eventually do away with all of the pain. Allow the next statement to sit in your heart today and think about it.

The plan of God is more important than your pain, because it’s the plan of God that will eventually take the pain away forever.


Do you believe that God has a plan for you life?  Do you feel left out in the desert of pain, forgotten by people and God? What if I told you that God’s plan could include a lot of pain, that it will be difficult, if not nearly impossible to understand in the now, but will eventually work out if you follow Him? Would you still want to embrace His plan for your life? Hagar did!- she felt forgotten; she felt pain, and she felt marginal.

You can read her story in Genesis 16 and 21. She found out that God is the God that sees and hears. Guess what? He sees and hears you also. You are not forgotten and your pain will not last forever.

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