God Doesn’t Belong On A Priority List

September 17, 2012 — 2 Comments


Is God a priority in your life or is He the center of your life?

Maybe you have never thought about it. Maybe you feel they are the same. What I want you to consider today, is they are not the same. In fact, they are very different.  Right priorities have an author. An author that is above and altogether different from a priority list. Jesus is the AUTHOR and FINISHER of your faith.


Most of us have been taught the priority list (God, Family, Ministry and then other good stuff falls below these.)

Fact: Priority lists are good but they are not Lord.

1. God doesn’t belong in a priority list of your life.

2. He belongs at the center of your life because He is LIFE

When God is not the center of your life, but simply a priority, your faith is marginal at best.

God didn’t come into your life to be a priority at the top of your priority list. He came into your life to be the center. You see, priorities can soon become just a checklist we check off daily as a mere habit. The clear truth is, God is not a habit. God is life. Jesus didn’t come into your life to be a habit. Jesus came into your life to take up habitation.

Think about this today:  When you make a priority list with God at the top as your moral focus, you have reduced God to the head of a list, instead of the center of your life.

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2 responses to God Doesn’t Belong On A Priority List

  1. Steve, I understand what you are saying; but think of it this way. God is first and foremost. His Word is the authority for everything in your life; therefore, when you make a priority list with God first, spouse, children, family (mom,dad,bro,sis etc.), friends, co-workers/neighbors/acquaintances, strangers, and you deal with each one according to what God says … When I did some lay counseling, I would find that in each area where the person was having difficulty all that was needed was to check with God. However God told us to treat the individual was usually the answer for the situation. I found people treating others not in the way God has told us to do, but in a way that society has painted the picture. Just a thought ………

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to comment. I’m not sure if you did so or not but I put a link to Sunday message at the bottom of the post. I deal with a lot more insight in the message. The post is just a short intro to my thoughts on the matter. I do understand what you are saying but I still believe God is Center. Listen to the whole message and see what ya think. God bless and thanks for dropping in.

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