Andy Stanley-The Grace of God

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Book Description

Learn how God’s grace can and will transform you.

None of us deserves what God offers, a life free from sin and hope for a glorious future, but unbelievably it’s ours for the taking. Why? Because of God’s grace. The unmerited favor, the lavish love and kindness he pours out on us, and has, since Creation.

But if it’s so available then why do we live a graceless life? Why are our churches filled with disillusioned Christians, weary of religion’s demands, struggling with personal defeat because of issues or behaviors?

Join pastor Andy Stanley as he traces grace through the Old and New Testaments, observing God’s grace at work in the lives of some of the best—and worst—characters. He also uses personal stories from his own life to reveal how grace is not a natural response but is the most essential one. Together these stories unravel the mystery of grace and tell of its transforming power to set us free.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed reading Andy’s book very much. It’s a great one to read at night right before you go to bed. Just read a chapter and sleep with Grace on your mind. The book is not deep theology but instead it puts flesh on the deep theological topic of Grace so that it’s easy to embrace. I really enjoyed Chapter 5, Ruled by Grace. Andy makes a beautiful point that, “When we see God’s law the way he intended it, we understand that the grace of God and the law of God are not opposing concepts. There is no tension between the two. One is simply and expression of the other.” In other words what he is teaching us through the law is that the law of God is simply an expression of the grace of God toward each of us that are in the family of God.  For example, Andy says, “By giving Israel the Law…God made it possible for the Hebrew people to live under the rule of law, rather than the rule of man.” I would encourage each of you to get a copy and place it by your bed for great reading at night before falling off to sleep.

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