What If The Next Big Thing In Church Was God?

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What if the next big thing in the church was God? What if all our CREATIVE STUFF was not the driving plan of the week? Instead, what if meeting God in true community was our only thirst? I’m convinced if meeting God was our primary desire, we would once again BECOME the answer the world most looks for.  I’m convinced, if we would stop over-planning the upper room and just come out of the upper room in power…the world would be different.

Once, while I was on a mission trip in Honduras, I was in a very remote village that took me about 6 hours to get to by boat. When we arrived, we were greeted by a few people on shore. We announced to them that we were missionaries. They greeted us with warm smiles, and took us to the spiritual mother of the village.

As I entered her humble home, I felt God. It was amazing. I thought to myself, “What if church could be this way?” Her love toward us was infectious. It was the deepest love I had ever felt. I longed in that moment to be nowhere else. The desire to be in a hurry was gone. I thought to myself again, “What if church could be this way?”

She offered me a chair, and I took my place gracefully. She then pulled her chair up close to mine. We were face to face and only about 3 feet apart. She began to talk about God in such a personal and intimate way, I lost track of time. As she shared stories of God’s faithfulness, I listened with my heart, and her stories about God moved me greatly. In fact, over the course of the conversation I had without knowing it, pushed my chair with my feet away from her about 6 more feet.

When the conversation ended she asked me, “Why did you move your chair away from me?” I looked around and realized I had in fact moved my chair. My only answer was a true answer. I said to her, “I’ve never felt God like this before in my life.” She then said back to me, “All we have is God.” God was their ONLY BIG THING and it was amazing.

I’m not sure where I got it but I have this quote hanging in my office.

“Preaching is constantly reminding people of what people are constantly forgetting.”

There is something powerful about lifting up foundational truth over and over again. As humans, we tend to forget really fast. We want a sermon on something new, something fresh, something different. We want our church to have more lights and cool stuff then the one down the road.  I can hear the sheep calling out, “Come on preacher man, bring something more ENTERTAINING than you did last Sunday.” In fact, if many of us preachers would admit it…we too want more lights and cooler stuff. It just seems we have be captured by something other than God sometimes.

She said, “All we have is God.” I wonder…what if the next big thing in church was God and nothing else?


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