What is the most exhausting thing ever?

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Fighting the forgiveness of God is exhausting, so stop battling and give yourself to Him.

I remember when I was thirteen, I decided to run away. Going my own way seemed to be a better choice for my life than staying home.( e.g. There are times we do that with God)

Sometimes, we don’t run a long ways away.  Sometimes, it’s just a short ways down the road but it’s still in the wrong direction.

I can’t recall which mile I was on when the unwise choice I had made began to make me rethink my departure. I just remember it was hot. I remember I was miserable. I had come to the end of myself and knew I had to return but guilty and pride was stirring in my heart.

Finally, I turned around and as I turned to walk home… my father was in the distance coming for me. He pulled over on the side of the road and opened the door.  I got in the truck and  there was a  moment of awkward silence. Then it happened… a rub on the head, a smile from my father and all was forgiven. Home we went.

We must never forget…It’s hard to fight forgiveness. You see,  it’s a choice that takes you away from the Father and it’s a choice that will bring you back to the Father. It’s always your choice. Choice is  one of the greatest gifts besides salvation that God has ever given us. God also has a choice and His choice is to love you unconditionally no matter what. (e.g. Remember the Washing of feet. Last supper)

His choice is to always wait for your heart to turn back to him and then he makes the choice to run to you.

We all run. Some run farther than others. But when we turn around His kiss of forgiveness awaits.


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