Can Sand Heal Your Emotional Pain?

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How do you deal with an emotional painful situation in your life?  I’m not here today to give you a big list of things you can do. Instead I simply want to give you a picture and allow you to meditate on it today.

Imagine you are walking along the beach and you come across a group of kids digging deep holes in the sand in order to build  a sandcastle. You watch for awhile as they go about their task of removing sand from one place, leaving holes everywhere, using the sand to build their sandcastle. After watching them for a while, you depart and continue on your journey up the beach. Finally, on your return trip down the beach, you discover the holes are now extremely deep. In fact, a few of the holes are deep enough to stand in and hide 3/4 of your body.

The sun finally sets and off to bed you go. Early the next morning you take a walk along the beach. You make it back to where the holes were. Over night the sea has pushed sand into them and a few of the holes are completely gone but a few others are still there. The holes that were deeper than some of the others are now more shallow but they are  not completely gone. They need a little more time to fill.

You continue on your way up the beach and on your return trip, just a while later, you stop at the spot where the holes WERE. Now, to your amazement, they are completely gone. The sea, over the proper time has filled the holes (emotional pains) with sand and what was once many deep holes in the sand are now gone forever.

Sometimes, emotional pain takes time to heal. Sometimes, God doesn’t heal them immediately. However, healing does come… it just takes time for the sea and the sand to do their work.

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