3 Ways To Win The Battle Over Distractions

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There are times I find it extremely difficult  to focus on the task at hand. There are distractions everywhere just waiting to suck the life out of my goals for the giving day. If you’re like me, you have a lot of important things each day to accomplish and they can’t be rolled over to the next day.

Distractions come easy to most of us. The distraction monster loves to win our attention away from where our attention really needs to be. Setting goals is not the problem for most people. The problem for many is staying focused to see those goals come to pass.

If you are having a problem staying focused you are not alone and you are certainly not experiencing something new. Distractions have been around since the Garden of Eden. Just ask Adam and Eve about the snake. Distractions are the enemy and can be vanquished. So, how do you vanquish the distraction monster? This is how I do it.

1. Pinpoint The Interferences

First, you must identify what is keeping you distracted from your task at hand. I write sermons each week and it takes a lot of time and focus. There are  many things that can distract me from my goal if I allow them to. For example, T.V. on in another room, open tabs on my computer with twitter or Facebook calling me to take a look at them…my cell phone.  There are of course many more but I think you get my point. Whatever is distracting you must be pinpointed first.

2. Disconnect From The Interferences

Second, you must disconnect from what you have just identified as a distraction. Disconnecting looks different for each of us but it must be done. For me, I close the internet down, turn off the T.V., shut off my cell phone. Whatever I need to do, I do it on PURPOSE. I control it, so it doesn’t control me.

3. Pursue Your Objective

Third, pursue freely the goal at hand. You have won the battle again the distraction monster. You have pinpointed  the problem. You have disconnected from the problem. You now are clear for takeoff. Make sure your seat-belt is fastened and enjoy being distraction free.


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