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July 4, 2012 — 3 Comments

In part 1 of witnessing and working among the forgotten of the world we talked about noticing the unnoticed. In part 2 we dealt with giving them undivided time. Today we explore the promise of hope.


Promise of Hope (part 3)
Once I have given them undivided attention I will asks them a simple question. “Do you think it can ever be any better than it is right now for you?” This question is perfect for leading to a God centered discussion on hope. Hope is powerful because in their world both the external living environment of the inner city and their internal dialogue often screams to the broken person living on the street or in a very poor condition there is no hope and change is impossible. The graceful truth of hope breaks through both of those lies. Many see themselves as marred beyond repair and feel they are worthless.

I then share the story of the potter in the book of Jeremiah 18:1-6.
I do a summary of how the clay was being worked on but for some strange reason the clay became marred in the hand of the potter mainly because it was off-center and that the potter instead of throwing it away did something amazing. The potter did not throw the ruined clay into the corner of the shop, or into the trash. He continued working with it and reshaped it into another vessel, which he deemed good to make. In other words, he began again, from scratch with the same clay and gave it a shape that was good and would hold its form.

Winning their trust through listening and co-suffering is very important because trust is when you give the care of your own life over to another for help and direction. Many people in the inner city have been let down so many times they have a wall built up that only listening and co-suffering can break. Listening; because it is godly, co-suffering; because it too is godly and both are grounded in God’s unconditional love.

Tomorrow we will take a look at listening and co-suffering.

How have you offered the promise of hope to others you have met in the harvest field of life? Share with us by posting a comment.



Part 4

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