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On June 29, 2012 I posted about noticing the unnoticed. (Part 1)

Today I want us to take a look at giving undivided time.

Undivided Time (Part 2)

One day I was making my way through the streets and I saw a lady up ahead of me sitting on some steps and she was crying. People were passing by her in both directions but no one was stopping. What this lady needed was undivided time. By undivided time I mean doing more than just asking how someone is doing, I mean taking the time to stop and truly help. I have learned that time is the greatest gift you can give anyone because it’s something you can never get back. You can give all your money and make more, you can give things away and get more things back by hard work but time, once it is given, it’s gone forever and has now become a sacrifice to God.

I asked her if everything was okay and her response was an irritated crying “no”! I sat down beside her and she began to tell me how she had just finished using some crack cocaine and how her boyfriend had dropped her on the street to make money. She quickly began to talk with me about how her life was before drugs. She had a great job and was happy. I was looking for where God was working in her life. She spoke with me for about fifteen minutes before she finally paused to ask who I was. I simply told her I was a pastor that loves to listen and help. She smiled and thanked me for stopping. I had just given her undivided time and giving undivided time to a person more often than not leads to the earned right of speaking hope into their hopelessness. (Note: She ended up coming to church and we were able to help her)

Part 3

Part 4

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