Who Gives A Flip About The Unnoticed…

June 29, 2012 — 9 Comments

Today I begin a series of post on witnessing and working among the forgotten of the world.


Who gives a flip about the unnoticed is God himself. We are called to notice the unnoticed. We are called to notice the invisible. We live in a world of the forgotten. We all know what it’s like to be unnoticed and we hate it but we equally forget to take that feeling away from others by noticing them.

You have an opportunity today that God will show you, if you will only look beyond yourself and look for the unnoticed around you to bless. One thing I’ve found to be true in life is this…when you notice the unnoticed…God notices you.

1. Speak to someone today who you know hardly ever gets spoken to.
2. Do something nice for someone that you know gets overlooked all the time.
3. Watch your body language when you’re wanting to escape from a conversation that has been forced on you…it might be God who sent them to you.

What are some other ways you notice the unnoticed for God? Leave a comment and share it with others.

This is Part 1 of several post to follow.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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9 responses to Who Gives A Flip About The Unnoticed…

  1. Sometimes unnoticed people can be members of our own families. A lot of folks have “that guy” in their family, you know, the annoying social outcast… the one no one wants to be around (I’m rolling my eyes just thinking about the one in my own family!)
    These unnoticed family members often experience rejection from society, which can be coupled with deep pain from the rejection they experience from members within their own families. It’s surprising how much time can go by without “that guy” being noticed because everyone is trying so hard to avoid him. Can you imagine going weeks, months, or years without hearing from someone… anyone… in your family?
    We can be the family member who isn’t throwing off rejection vibes to “that guy”. Learning to experience him for who he is, accepting him for who is, and including him in your world may actually help you see him in a new light. You may even be surprised with the example you’re setting with the other members in your family.
    Go ahead, give “that guy” a call, or stop by for a quick visit…

    • Terri what great thoughts. Thank you for adding to the conversation and thank you for your heart. You are so right when you say that sometimes we have these people in our own family. That is so true and convicting. God bless you.

  2. Frank Anthony June 29, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    Thank you Bro. Steve Most Pastors have little time to share with those that seek least important. But the Bible says different.Jesus said that the least of these were the most important. Love

    • You are right Frank. The bible does tell us different. Jesus always takes notice of the unnoticed. Thanks for the comment. God bless you.

  3. Great post! To add to it a little I would say to pray each morning and ask God for a divine appointment. Ask him to place in your path someone you can help. Also, while you are engaged with someone, ask yourself what you can say or do to add value to this persons life today.

    • Thanks for your insight Travis. You are so right! Divine appointments can be prayed for and expected. God has a whole harvest field out there waiting on us to engage. God bless you and I hope you visit my blog again soon.

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