Not That Person Again!

February 25, 2011 — 1 Comment

“That person over there is just strange.” We have all said something like that before under our breath when we see someone coming our way that just don’t seem to fit into the group. We begin to look for an out, a way to avoid talking with them.

At the center of the human experience, we all have the need to be included and valued. It’s what connects us as humanity. The reason why, is because God created us that way and demonstrated our inclusion and value by pronouncing good over us and placing us as stewards over His creation in the beginning.

One of our greatest problems is we are not always good at reflecting those two values to one another in the body of Christ and when we don’t show those two values, we are not properly reflecting God’s image.

Have you ever felt like an outsider…like you don’t belong anywhere or that you just don’t fit in? I would be willing to bet that just about everyone on this planet has felt like an outcast at some point in their life. It’s been said that the course of our life, the things we achieve, even the happiness we feel are all in some way affected by the people around us.

We all know that at the core of our lives we need inclusion and value to make it in life because it is God given but do we know how to give inclusion and value to others?

We have a deficiency in this world of those two values and we can heal it in the church if we will only open our eyes to each other. The church should be the place where inclusion and value are celebrated and practiced for God’s glory and our good.

Go out of your way next Sunday and find that person who always seems to be left out of the family and bring them in. You know that one person. He or she is the one that when you see them coming you say to yourself, “Oh no, here they come again.” We all know THOSE kind of people. The kind that seem to drive us crazy. However, never forget…you are THAT person to someone also. Someone sees you coming and says the same thing about you. We are after all, not all that different from one another.

Pastor Steve

Steve Wright

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Lead Pastor of Legacy Church and Author of The Descent to Compassion

One response to Not That Person Again!

  1. Great word Steve… Absolutely the truth! The enormous intent of the enemy is to isolate humanity and make people feel unwanted, undeserving and overwhelmed with guilt. However, if the church would just know that all those were conquered by Christ on Calvary… It is really to bad the preachers and those they lead are often caught in the web of isolation, segregation, manipulation and arrogance. Christian maintenance is up to us not up to the Lord… Prayer takes away the loneliness and opens up friendships that will never cease…

    What is our job description? To obey God and love all people unconditionally.. then and only then will the Lord use us to break down the walls that separate us even in the closed, sterile walls of the church….

    I am praying for you , Amy and the children… You are gifted and highly anointed by the Lord!

    Remember prayer moves the Hand of God!

    Erin just had her new baby… Shiloh Sky Arnett



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